Can we measure the height and width of an object detected

I have cardboard box , can i measure the width and height.

Yes, you can measure the width and height of a cardboard box using computer vision techniques. Roboflow provides tools for object detection, which includes drawing bounding boxes around objects of interest in an image. The bounding box information includes the pixel width and height, as well as x and y coordinates. This information can be used to determine the dimensions of the object in the image, in this case, a cardboard box.

To do this, you would need to:

  1. Upload and annotate your images in Roboflow. You will be drawing bounding boxes around the cardboard box that you want to detect. You can learn more about labeling best practices here.

  2. After your images have been uploaded, you can start annotating your data. To draw a bounding box, press “b” on your keyboard or select the bounding box tool in the right control panel. Then, click where you want to start drawing a box and drag until you have finished drawing the box. You can then create or choose a class to assign to the box.

  3. Once you have labeled your data, click “Versions” in the sidebar of the Roboflow product to generate a project version. Here, you can preprocess your data and apply augmentations.

  4. After preprocessing and augmentation, you can train your model. Once the model is trained, it can be used to detect the cardboard box in new images and provide the bounding box coordinates and dimensions.

Please note that the actual physical dimensions (in inches, cm, etc.) of the box cannot be directly determined from the image unless you have a reference object of known size in the image or you know the exact specifications of the camera and lens used to take the image.

For more detailed instructions, you can check out the complete guide to using Roboflow to annotate data here.

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