OAK Inference Time Calculation Error

I believe I have found an issue with the inference time calculation.

 while True:
        t0 = time.time()
       #Code to run
        t = time.time()-t0
        print("INFERENCE TIME IN MS ", 1/t)

Since time.time() is in secs this than would mean that 1/t is your “FPS” not “INFERENCE TIME IN MS”. One of your blog post (there maybe more) are then using this inference time to calculate FPS. This is a massive difference as the claim is you can get 100 FPS when really you only are getting 10 FPS. I only ended up finding this out after I purchased the camera based on this blog post and tried it myself.


Thank you for pointing out the error with MS instead of FPS within the calculation. We’ve corrected that information in all locations we could find the error existing.

I’m extremely sorry about you purchasing the device based on this information and not receiving the performance you expected. If you can email trevor at roboflow dot com, we’d like to work with you to help sort this out.