Need partners to build a model for my startup

Project Type- object detection, multi attribute - all layered together for the interior design & architecture industry. Please email on, if keen to partner to build a model one of a kind.

Resources for niche industry tagging shall be provided by me, from India…

Help me build the api using roboflow, and help me use roboflow better

To start a project in Roboflow for an interior design application, you would first need to create a project and specify the project type. In your case, you might want to choose “Object Detection” as the project type if you want to find the location of objects in an image. This could be useful for identifying different elements in an interior design context, such as furniture, decor, etc.

Here are the steps to create a project:

  1. Go to the Roboflow dashboard.
  2. Click “Create New Project”.
  3. Specify the project type (Object Detection in your case).
  4. Give your project a name.
  5. Specify what you are detecting (a label that summarizes what you are detecting).

Once you have created the project, you can upload your dataset, generate the dataset, and train your model with Roboflow Train. You can also select preprocessing & augmentation steps, export in different annotation formats, and deploy your model to run inference.

If you want to experiment with multi-label classification, you can convert any object detection project in Roboflow to a Multi-Label Classification CSV and then import it into a new Multi-Label Classification project. This could be useful if you want to assign multiple labels to an image, such as “modern”, “minimalist”, “colorful”, etc.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the following sources:

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I am looking for execution teams, Team leader who can navigate us creatives/ interior designers through this model building… I know the steps shared above, but can’t find people to execute and create the API, especially moving it from object detection to multi label classification

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