Model-Assisted Labeling

When I try reboflow’s model-assisted labeling feature, I find that when I use the pre-trained model for auto-labeling, it successfully generates some labels, but at the same time all my original labeled boxes disappear, which makes me confused.
How can I solve this problem, or is it possible that I can deploy two models in the model-assisted labeling function at the same time, so that I can add more classes to a training set, which would be helpful.

Hi Abraham,

Yes, this is a known interaction with the automated labeling and makes the tool less helpful for data that has annotations already applied. For this reason, to use model-assisted labeling you’ll want to make sure your model labels all objects you want to identify.

An alternative approach you could take would be to use the Annotate API - Roboflow which will give you labels and then you can go through the process of combining labels for your data. Combining annotations would be something you do outside of Roboflow.

Hi Abraham,

Excited to let you know that we now support adding annotations via Label Assist without removing previous annotations in your images. Let us know how it goes!