Miss augmented images in Project Version and My download same too

first of all, sorry for posting in a general community group - I actually looked and couldn’t find a similar situation.
I will describe the issues in the form of headings, looking forward to receiving your support:

  1. Currently I’m using a paid monthly account
  2. When creating version I applied data enrichment algorithms - attached image.
  3. When I download the version I only get the original images, not the enriched images, am I doing something wrong or confused somewhere?
  4. Everything was working fine ~2-3 weeks ago, is this a new problem with the app?
  5. As shown in the picture - actually when I downloaded I only received 220 original images - completely missing all the augmented images
    hope to receive support from the community and suppliers soon, thank you very much,

Hi @ddnPhuong! This is a great place to post issues.

We are currently experiencing issues with the Mosaic augmentation step. If you remove that, the version should generate correctly. Can you give that a try and let me know if it worked?

I’ll let you know when this issue is resolved, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hi @Jacob_Witt !Thank you for the timely support, the problem is indeed in the Mosaic augmentation step, when turning off Mosaic, the system works correctly.
Hope the issue is fixed soon, Mosaic is the reason I updated my premium account and use your platform more regularly

Understood - we’re actively working on fixing it. Will keep you updated on this thread!

Hi @ddnPhuong - this issue is now fixed! Can you give it a try and confirm that it’s working on your end? Make sure to give the browser a hard reset.

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Hi @Jacob_Witt
Thank you for the useful information.
In today’s test I am encountering some problems:

  1. Mosaic results in the output label being in the wrong position
  2. Similar to rotation and shear augmentation, the output is wrong, which greatly affects the training efficiency :frowning:
  3. In recent days I’m using the alternative solution of isolate Object / Preprocessing - But my latest project could not create a new dataset isolate Object
    If you have my user ID, you can see that I had to try a lot today

Do you mind sending screenshots or example files in these cases? I’m not able to replicate these issues. It would be best if:

  1. You added Roboflow Support to your workspace (you can do this via toggle).
  2. You emailed me (starter-plan@roboflow.com) example files of the source images + annotations as well as the output images + annotations that are incorrect.
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