Dataset augmentation not generated when using mosaic

Hello guys, I already generated and augmented my dataset, but, when I export/download my dataset, the dataset not augmented. anyone here can help what’s going on, because I facing this problem recently.

Thank you.

-workspace/project ID: F630-PART-DETECTION Object Detection Dataset by sic guppy
-Project type: Object detection,
-OS/browser: Windows,

Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc

Hi @sic_guppy! Are you using the Mosaic augmentation? This might be related to the issue described here.

Yes sir, I am suing Mosaic augmentation, and after I remove the Mosaic Augmentation, the dataset can be generated and download as normal.

Any problem with Mosaic augmentation?

Yes, there is a known issue with the Mosaic augmentation currently. We’re working on it!

Hi @sic_guppy - this issue is now fixed!

Thanks sir for the fast action.

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