Merged Project Drops All Image Annotations

There appears to be a bug in the project “merge” feature, where the annotation job associated with the merge identifies all of the images in the merge correctly, but the annotations and labels for all images appear to be dropped.

Here is an example: Sign in to Roboflow

Perhaps there is some additional logging information to help explain what happened in this specific case. As it stands, it appears like these labels have mostly been lost since I had removed the previous project already (my mistake). If there is a bug, this could be a very important one to catch!


We’re unable to see your example url as it may be privately routed.

If the previous project was removed, this may be the expected behavior

Trying to post the link here again, but it seems to be reformatting it afterwards. I’ve add a space here so it doesn’t get automatically formatted:

https ://

So you are saying that if you merge project A and project B into a new project C, project C will only contain the annotations from projects A/B respectively as long as projects A/B exist on your profile? I was assuming that the merge was a “copy” vs. a reference to an existing project

We wouldn’t be able to access a privately routed link. Project views have set permissions to their authorized users (your username and password). Though you can invite to your workspace.

I replicated these steps and was unable to reproduce the result of missing annotations and labels. Were any other steps involved? What project type was this with (multi-label, single-label, object detection)?

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