Login error


I want to login on the universe website but I get the following error message:
HTTP Cloud Function returned an error: {“error”:{“message”:“Unauthorized request, please refresh and try again.”,“status”:“PERMISSION_DENIED”}}

Any help is appreciated



Having the same issue here, need help :cry:

Hi both! Thanks for posting; we’re looking into it.

Is there any chance you’re using iCloud Private Relay?

@pashoken @Yannick_Hemmeter

Can you two please restart your browser (close it completely and re-open), and try now?

If it’s not working, could you please post a screenshot here so we can see what stage of login is failing?

having similar issue trying to login with github or email

after clicking “Sign in with github” or “with Google”


got a different message this time after trying on a different browser (edge):

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