Local deployment of Roboflow annotation / label

Hi there!

I’m wondering if it is possible to have a local deployment of the whole roboflow suite (also annotation/labeling tool) for air-gapped installations or is that just available via app.roboflow.com?


Hi @mgiessing, we do have enterprise deployment options available that will allow for interaction with Roboflow in air-gapped systems.

There are a few deployment options available under this architecture: https://docs.roboflow.com/inference/enterprise

In terms of the annotation/labeling being available offline, that’s an interesting point.

Would you mind if I email you to inquire more about what specifications you’d require for the use case(s)?

Hi @Mohamed, thanks for the information! Yeah feel free to leave me an email with further questions, but I think I understood with the DMZ server how the general workflow should look like for air-gapped installations!