Label assist will not load, spinning icon forever

  1. Project type: Object detection
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions: Windows 10, Browsers tried (Chrome, Edge, Brave)
  3. The screenshot of the error being triggered in your browser’s developer tools/console.
    Label assist loading
    label assist loading

Hi there, I just trained my model. When I go back to use label assist in my project, it loads forever. Is there a reason for this? I have tried several different browsers and even tried restarting my PC (just in case there was an error with my images somewhere). Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I am still having this problem a week later. I have tried 4 different browsers and I have cleared the cache data from each to see if this was the problem. None of these have worked so far. Here are the errors in my console when label assist is clicked.


Another thing I tried was creating a new project and attempting to access the label assist menu from there - this did not work and the menu was loading forever. I then tried creating a new workspace with another new project inside - the label assist menu loaded here, but unfortunately, my model did not appear in the list.

I am noticing that the console is saying that I do not have permissions… could this be the problem? I still have credits on my account.


Hi everyone, apologies for the constant replies to myself in this thread - I want to make sure I include all information for this to be fixed.

Today I tried to generate a new version of my model (including 50 newly annotated photos for the model to train with). When I try to click “Start Training”, my console produces the exact same error as I included in my last message.

FirebaseError: Missing or insufficient permissions.


Please could one of the devs help me with this issue?

Thank you.