Keypoint auto labeling and downsized resoultion problem

i am trying to use the keypoint feature. but the images are both downsized resolution and also no autolabeling

Hi @gil_bo - thanks for posting!

Do you mind sharing examples of the downsize resolution? What size are your images?

the resolution is 5312X2988

I believe images are downsized to 2140x2140 on upload. If you want to retain that resolution, are you able to tile the images before uploading?

what does it mean?

You’ll need to split your large image into multiple smaller ones before you upload to Roboflow (if you want to keep the same resolution).

what about the auto labeling?

We just launched Auto Label - I’ll check with the team to see if we support Keypoint detection yet. If not, we’ll look to add it soon!

o.k but can i upload keypoint annotations aside the images?. for example using different software only for the serial autolabel on all images and then upload images and annootation to roboflow?

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