Issues with classes not exporting

hi @leo,

Thank you so much for responding to fixing the bug, for my first issue it solves well. and for the second issue seem to still have the same problem when I’m trying to visualization it.

Hi @dimasilham_7

I’ve split your issue into a different topic.


It looks like you are removing or remapping 35 classes from your generated versions. Could you confirm these remapped or removed classes are not the ones that are missing from your datasets?

hi, @stellasphere thanks to splitting the issue.

yes, those remapped or removed classes are not the ones missing from my dataset, even though I using all classes by example the classes export is still just 8 or at least 9 classes when I’m visualizing it.

Hi @dimasilham_7

Thanks for the extra details. Could you share the exact process (or code would be better) that you are using to visualize these classes so I can replicate the issue?

hi @leo ,

here, i attach the link of my kaggle code.

you can see the result on line 15

Hi @dimasilham_7

We’re still looking into your issue, but did you delete or rename your project by chance?

Hi, when i’m checking it became private i think, should i email the support first to change visibility to public?

hi, it solved, and i think there’s something wrong on my code base to visualized it. Thanks!

Hi @dimasilham_7

Very glad you were able to solve your issue. Could you share what was wrong in your code so others could benefit from it?

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