Images loaded from PC not in sequence when annotating on Roboflow

Hi Executives,

I realized that when annotating images loaded from the pc is not in the numbering sequence…

For example, img.1.jpg to img-n on the computer is not the same sequence on Roboflow.
Why this is a concern? When annotating the images ROBOFLOW mixes the images, therefore image37.jpg can be set as the first image for annotating, after that image25.jpg, then img209.jpg, and so on…

MY Request:
Is there an annotation method that keeps the image numbering sequence that it was in when loaded from the computer?

or have I loaded the images incorrectly as per Roboflow?

Another thing I noticed is that there isn’t a feature to detect the ROI’s for objects, especially for activity detection as the time series alters as per the vector flows of such.

There is a feature to copy the ROI from the previous image but that is useless as well as pointless if the object of interest is continuously moving across the different frames.

Why? I am constantly redrawing the ROI’s for the objects and I have thousands of images to process with multiple labels (extremely painful).

MY request: is there an easier method that I must have missed somewhere?
Maybe a feature that tracks or detects the chosen ROI in the images whether it moves or not?

Can someone guide me here, please? This is extremely painful and a tedious process even if the best song is running in my pods in the background.

Thanx Loadsssss