Identify different object in one polygon zone

How do i identify each different objects in a single polygon zone. How do i count.

I have 20 different object , i place each object in different container, whenever i place the object i need to detect the object type and count it.

Hi @Jaishankar_Vetrivel

It sounds like you are trying to count the number of objects in a static polygon area. Is that correct?

If so, this blog post on counting objects in a zone would be perfect for you.

Yes. it worked , Thanks , I need to count 20 different objects , how do i access each count variable that belongs to each different objects . So that i can write it to a spreadsheet the total count of each object.

I think this post (How to Use Computer Vision to Monitor Inventory) has the logic and code you can use to solve your problem.

Is it possible to count objects without using inference server,
Can i run in the inference server.

Yes, counting logic is independent of where you run the model. Counting relies on configuring and making sense of the prediction responses.

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