How to use exported JSON video annotations from LabelBox?

I’ve got JSON exported from LabelBox representing annotations of a video. LabelBox doesn’t know how to export their own annotations in a format that can be used by YOLO or anything else (…) so I’m hoping to use Roboflow to get it to YOLO format.

When I create a project Roboflow’s “upload” tool accepts the JSON file, then it asks if I want to download images from LabelBox or upload them. Regardless of which I choose, nothing happens afterwards. There’s nothing on screen or anywhere in the project indicating that anything has been uploaded / added.

I tried uploading the video first. It generated images from the video, but I don’t see a way to add the annotations to it.

Hi @Jason_Miller

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you look in the developer console (F12) and see if any errors show?

Also, only if you are comfortable with it, could you share your JSON file so that I could try to reproduce and troubleshoot the issue?