How to upload json annotation file format for Instance Segmentation

I have the image dataset which is basically the annotation is in json format when I am trying to upload on Roboflow app it does not annotate the Data
I want to apply Instance Segmentation using on the data
Can anybody help me with this.

You will need to confirm your dataset has the proper COCO JSON format: What is the COCO JSON Annotation Format? – click “Examples” to view the example structure

Add your annotation files alongside your actual images when doing the upload - this will match the annotation files to the images.

@Mohamed its not working, when i upload json file with images it stops and does not show any annotation

Drop in the JSON file first, and then all of the associated images.

After all of the files match (the loading bar completes), select the option to save and upload the images —> assign images to a teammate (invite and assign one, is another option), or assign to yourself —> because the images are labeled, the images with matched annotations will be available in the Dataset column. Leaving you ready to generate and train a model: Train - Roboflow

Also, be sure your COCO JSON files match the formatting in the page linked in my earlier comment. Double-check the file extensions, and image paths, for the references to the images are all correct, too.