How to delete all of one label on images

Is there a way to mass delete all of one image label. I am using bounding boxes, and there are two labels on each image when I only want one. There are over 2000 images, and I really don’t want to manually delete them. On the other hand, can I just disable a label group in the model. Thanks.

Yes, you can manage your labels in Roboflow and train your model on a specific part of your dataset. If you want to train a model on images of a specific label from your dataset, you can turn off all the other classes and extract just the ones you need.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Turn off all the other labels that you don’t want to include in your model.
  2. Use the Filter Null preprocessing step to remove all of the images that are now unannotated because they don’t contain the label you’re interested in.

This way, you can effectively remove the unwanted labels from your dataset without having to manually delete them from each image.

However, please note that this process will not delete the labels from your project, it will just exclude them from the current model you’re training. If you want to permanently delete a label from your project, you would need to do that manually for each image.

For more details, you can refer to this blog post on label management for computer vision with Roboflow.

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Hello! You can mass delete images. To do this, select the Class or Tag or filter using semantic search to identify the images, then toward the top right of the screen choose Select All (which will take all results) or choose the individual images. Then, click the green Images Selected button and click Remove from Project.