How to completely remove an annotation class and their corresponding annotations and images containing those annotations?

When I deleted a class in roboflow, all the annotations for that class are still there and instead of the original class, it is just assigned “null”. Is there a way to delete all the annotations along with images only containing that class? What I mean is that I have images that contain that class and another class. I only want to remove the images that contain only that one class and all the annotations for that class. How can I do this? Here is my project link: How to Use the Accessibility Barriers Object Detection API. I only want to keep “stairs”

Hi @kenhuangsy

I don’t think I’m understanding your question properly. Could you correct me and explain further if I’m misunderstanding?

You want to delete images that contain annotations of a specific class. To do this, go into your project dataset, filter by class and then click Select All. Then, under the “# Images Selected” menu, click “Remove from Project”. Note that this is a destructive action.

You can alternatively do this via a version preprocessing step. When creating a new version of your dataset, click the “Modify Classes” preprocessing step and select the classes you want to omit (exclude, or remove from that version).

If your images are marked null and you want to remove those images from your dataset, you can use the “Filter Null” preprocessing step or filter for null images using the search feature in your dataset.

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