How to count class when I detect tumor from endoscopy dataset?

I created a project that classifies and predict tumour from an endoscopy video. I trained with an annotation of the point with the tumour, and I tested with video. it is successfully run with the yolo5v algorithm. But now I want to count how many tumours detect in that video. Can anyone help me to count that?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, here’s an object counting script that works with Roboflow’s prediction response format:

The counting function portion of the script can be adapted to work with from your YOLOv5 predictions.

In addition, to track specific tumors across video frames, for example, you’ll need to implement object tracking.

We also have a GitHub repository for object tracking to help get you started: GitHub - roboflow/zero-shot-object-tracking: Object tracking implemented with the Roboflow Inference API, DeepSort, and OpenAI CLIP.

Thank you sir