How To Connect Roboflow Model To Makesense

how do i connect spot_split Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by mdpspot to makesenseai ?
i see the api key but what is the model number ?. i have tried everything the url the name of the model

To connect a Roboflow model to MakeSense, you need the model ID and your API key. The model ID is a combination of your Project ID and Version Number.

From the URL you provided (spot_split Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by mdpspot), the Project ID is mdpspot/spot_split. However, the version number is not provided in the URL. You can find the version number on the Version page associated with your trained model in the Roboflow dashboard. It is the number that appears after the forward slash in the box at the top of the page. For example, if the version number is 1, your model ID would be mdpspot/spot_split/1 source.

Once you have your model ID and API key, you can connect to MakeSense:

  1. Click “Actions” in the top left corner of MakeSense.
  2. Click “Connect AI server”.
  3. A box will pop up asking for the ID associated with your Roboflow model and your API key. Paste in the model ID and API key.
  4. Click to continue. You will be asked what classes you want to add into the annotation tool. Select all the classes that you want to use when annotating, then continue. The modal will close and annotations will automatically be added to the image you are viewing source.

If you’re still having trouble finding your version number, you might want to check the Roboflow documentation or reach out to their support for more assistance.

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i also found that before uploading all the pictures before connecting the the server first helps

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