How can i export raw images?

I uploaded the image files png format,
but when I export it, it is converted to jpg format.(The image quality is slightly degraded.)

Is there any way to download or export the original image file I uploaded?

Hi @영군_김 - to export original images, export with no preprocessing or augmentation settings applied other than “Auto-Orient.”

Your images that have been labeled and “Added to Dataset” will be generated in that dataset version along with associated annotation files. You can then select “Export” to export them via Download Code or as a Zip file in your preferred annotation format.

I want the data as it is in the png that I uploaded, not the file converted to jpg.

Our system currently only exports images in jpg.

Part of this is that png images have larger file sizes, and this can cause performance issues during training of computer vision models, since the model would be processing more data.

You can try exporting annotation files and configure the annotation records within them to have the file name extensions be “.png” and then sort into directories containing your original images split by the train/valid/test split if you wish to continue with png.

Have you been training models with png images in the past?