Groove Vision Ai V2 as SOS hand gesture. Regards!

I have to make a project for the school that will act on a io, let’s say 8, when three (or for) hand signs are concurrent.
Basically, it is the SOS signal in the language of the hand. This sign can be composed of three (or for) images. The first with the open palm, the second with the thumb stuck to the palm and the other picture, the third, with the thumb practically in a fist.
I attach the sign as an example here:

I understand that I will need to add a lot of pictures with the three types of pictures, a type of pictures categorized as non-conforming and probably spots and other “debris” categorized as noise. That is, there will probably be 5 types in the classification. I don’t know how to add the formula, after classification, so that the microprocessor understands that the correct algorithm to open io8 is Picture1 + Picture2 + Picture3 = io8open, rest is close.
And I don’t know how to adapt the generated firmware according to the purchased hardware: Groove Vision Ai V2 (v2!) and the rpi camera.
I look forward to any kind of suggestions and thank you in advance for your help! te Cristi