Feature Request - Discussion associated with each Tutorial

It would be great to be able to comment and ask questions about Tutorials.

For example, Reed Johnson’s tutorial " Roboflow Inference: Effortless Local Computer Vision Deployment with Python" was super helpful. But - at least for me - parts of the code didn’t work properly (e.g., classes were not subscriptable). And, I was unable to detect more than one instance of my class’s model - even when there were clearly multiple objects in video frame.

Being able to ask a few questions would go a long way. And this need not burden Reed with all questions, if there were a comments/forum associated with each tutorial. (Maybe this feature already exists; if so, it would be good to make it easier to find).


Hey @eric-cooper

We’ve discussed it internally and we’re testing it in a select number of our blog posts in the near future, thanks to your suggestion. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to bring them up in Community Help - Roboflow and we’ll be happy to help.