Export Pretrained Model from Robloflow Universe to SnapML

I want to export this
pre-trained Foosball computer vision model to SnapML (without re-training). I’m not seeing any specific Lens Studio export functionality on the above model page like described here

WOuld love to get some direction on how to export existing pre-trained models from Roboflow Universe to SnapML.

Kind regards,


Hi @Tom_Geurts

At the moment, we don’t support exporting models to SnapML that are trained with Roboflow Train 2.0. (which that project is)

If you download the dataset and upload it to your workspace, I’ve added another training credit to your workspace so you train it with one click. Then you should be able to export via SnapML.

Excited to see what you do with it and feel free to share with us once you’re done.