Error initializing model in roboflow.js (Failed to compile fragment shader)

When initializing the model using the following code, an error saying Uncaught (in promise) Error: Failed to compile fragment shader. happens before any inference request takes place.

  var auth = roboflow.auth({
    publishable_key: "*removed*"
  var model = await auth.load({
    model: "*removed*",
    version: 18

This happened using a Roboflow Train object classification model using “Roboflow 2.0 Object Detection (Accurate)” (YOLOv5-V6.0 Small / yolov5v6s) on Windows and Mac Chrome v112.

Here is the full console log, the code in the log was output from the error, not by me. (Might need to open in a new window and zoom to see)

It’s similar to an error in this Stack Overflow post, but the issues seem to be from extracting slices from Tensors in tfjs, but this issue occurs for me when the model is still being retrieved.