Epoch got killed after first iteration

moreover I made epoch set to 100 so from where 1183 comes

Please share your code

(Attachment Dipalok_Roboflow_Train_YOLOv5 (1).ipynb is missing)

Can you share another email here only jpg and png attachment is supported

Yes that’s correct. Would you be able to share an image in that format like you did the first?

Can you also confirm that you’ve set the Colab notebook’s Runtime to GPU and you haven’t run out of allocated GPU time for the day?

I have got the problem.The proble3m is the ram is getting exhausted.Can you help

Hi @Dipalok_Banarjee_23, looking at the original error, User provided device_type of \'cuda\', but CUDA is not available. Disabling makes it look like Google Colab is not attaching a GPU to your instance. I believe they allocate GPUs based on country and other heuristics but see if you can change the runtime type in the settings to GPU:


Additionally, you probably will want to start from our YOLOv5 notebook instead of creating one from scratch. You can find it here: Google Colab

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Thank you.