Download Augmented Images Only


Is it possible to download only augmented images (not the original images) from a project?


Yes, it is possible to download only the augmented images from a project in Roboflow. To do this, you need to set up augmentations for your project. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Versions tab associated with your project in the Roboflow dashboard.
  2. Click “Augmentations” to set up augmentations for your project.
  3. You can select how many times you want a given image to be augmented. For example, sliding to 3 means each of your images will receive 2 random augmentations based on the settings you select.

In the case of 3x augmentation, 1 of the generated images is generated only with the preprocessing settings you have applied. The other 2 images receive augmentations, leaving you with 3 times the number of images for each source image.

After setting up the augmentations, you can download the augmented images. The downloaded zipped export will contain an export folder with your images and annotations and a README describing the transformations you provided to your data.

Please note that adding more augmentations does not necessarily boost the performance of your model. It’s recommended to start with one or two augmentations that may work with a dataset, and adding more further down the line if necessary.

For more details, you can refer to the Roboflow documentation on image augmentation.

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The downloaded dataset contains both the original and the augmented images. While I only want to download the augmented images not the original ones.

Hi @Faryal_Fatima

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you share the Universe link or workspace and project ID?

You should not have original images in your exported dataset. Are you sure they are not images that are lightly augmented?