Downlaod labelme format

I want to download the annotations in a labelme format, can it be done?

I am looking for compatibility with GitHub - wkentaro/labelme: Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, circle, line, point and image-level flag annotation)..
It is not on your list of formats. Any way to update this?


We do not offer LabelMe as a export format. We do support it as an import format. Could you share your use case for exporting into LabelMe?

We have many scripts to handle data based on it.
Also we fins it the most flexible format to archive the work for the future.

So if we move the annotation effort online, we want, once it is finished, to be able to archive it in that format.

That is certainly an interesting use case that we could explore. Thank you for the feedback

Indeed. I find this format to be “master”.
It suites archiving as you can easily generate all other formats based on it.
Moreover, its image by image form makes it less sensitive to corruption.