Has anyone incorporated CVevals into a Google Colab file?

CVevals: How to Evaluate Computer Vision Models with CVevals
Colab: Google Colab

The goal would be to run CVevals automatically on the backside of training a model for quicker evaluation.

Based on the information provided in the extracts, there’s no specific mention of incorporating CVevals into a Google Colab file. However, since CVevals is a Python package, it should be possible to install and use it in a Google Colab environment.

To install CVevals in a Google Colab notebook, you can use the following commands:

!git clone
%cd evaluations
!pip install -r requirements.txt
!pip install -e .

After installation, you can use CVevals to evaluate your model as per the instructions provided in the Roboflow blog post.

Please note that you’ll need to adjust the paths and other parameters according to your specific setup in Google Colab. Also, ensure that your Colab environment has access to the necessary data and model files.

For more detailed instructions and usage examples, you can refer to the CVevals documentation.

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Hi @jparry

I think @Lenny gave a comprehensive answer here. Let us know if you still have any follow-up questions and if you have other questions, feel free to create another thread.


Any chance we could set up a call to discuss? I am new to the google colab file and could use some assistance walking through the setup of this system.

Hi @jparry

We almost always prefer to communicate problems and questions in the open so that others in the community, who most likely have similar questions, can benefit from the information.

Copy. No issue.

Just looking for some additional guidance on how to implement the correct code after installing the packages. I am using the roboflow provided YOLOV8 Google Colab file, so I have the model trained and the code at the end of the colab file, but unsure how to run the individual commands.

Novice coder here, so apologize for the softball question.

Hi @jparry

Are you looking to use (i.e. deploy) your model?

If so, we have many resources on how to deploy your model. I think the hosted inference API might be a good place to start for you, depending on what/where you’re trying to use it.

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