Comic panel detection

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I was looking at this project How to Use the Comic Panel Detectors Object Detection API

For comic panel detection, I need the number for each panel detection in certain direction from top right to bottom left. Does this provide it ? If not, does roboflow provide special tool in which fine tune on my own dataset comic?

I have attached image in which direction I need the panel to be moving and number



Based on the information provided in the extracts, Roboflow does provide tools to train a custom computer vision model on your own dataset. However, the specific functionality of numbering each panel detection in a certain direction from top right to bottom left is not explicitly mentioned in the extracts.

Here’s a general process you can follow to train a model using Roboflow:

  1. Label your data: Use the Roboflow annotation tool to draw bounding boxes around each object of interest in your images. You can create or choose a class to assign to each box. Source

  2. Preprocess and augment your data: Once you have labeled your data, you can preprocess it and apply augmentations. Roboflow provides various preprocessing and augmentation techniques to improve your model’s performance. Source

  3. Generate a dataset: After preprocessing and augmentation, you can generate a dataset version. Source

  4. Train your model: Roboflow provides an end-to-end machine learning pipeline, which includes annotation, preprocessing, augmentation, and training. Source

As for the specific functionality you’re looking for, you might need to implement a custom solution. If you need further assistance, I recommend checking out the Roboflow Documentation or reaching out to the Roboflow community for more specific guidance.

Please note that the image you attached was not visible in the provided information, so I couldn’t provide specific advice based on that.

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Thank you so much for reply.
What kind of custom solution? I was able to put the numbers and save them in JSON, it is the detection of the panel, can I have it start detecting from certain direction ?

Thank you

Hi @Abdulmajeed_Alroumi

Object detection models only detect the presence and location of the panels in the comics. A “custom solution” as entailed by the AI response means writing additional code.

It isn’t possible to have the model detect from a specific direction, but it is possible that you can write code to sort the returned predictions based on their location and assign it a number.

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