Combining models/datasets?

Is it possible/feasible to combine 2+ separate models and their respective datasets to work in tandem? For example:

PyMAF - GitHub - HongwenZhang/PyMAF: [ICCV 2021, Oral] PyMAF: 3D Human Pose and Shape Regression with Pyramidal Mesh Alignment Feedback Loop
PIFuHD - GitHub - facebookresearch/pifuhd: High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization from A Single Image.

I have some pictures that I want to recreate a 3D space of, because that person is no longer with us, and the space is gone as well. Otherwise I would have gone for a multi image solution. Im using some pictures of a friend as a test (yes, she gave me permission to do so) while I’m waiting for a family member to gather all of their data of this person (i.e. photos and videos).

Also, alongside that concept, to add the ability to rerun the analytics, and rewrite/edit its own recreation until the replication was either 100% accurate, or close enough.

Ive tried some other image to 3D solutions like CSM 3D viewer, and its generations are extremely finicky.

I would appreciate any help in this, as I myself have barely any idea of what im doing. This ability to recreate this 3D space, will be paired with a rebuilt AI and a cloned voice, as a way to help a family member to cope with the loss.

Single 2D Image to 3D reconstruction from various datasets and models paired with voice clone and rebuilt AI for a simulated Augmented Reality

Windows 10/Kali Linux (Dualboot)

Im aware Lenny.

I did try to ask the AI about combining these, and it bugged out. Hence why Im asking here.

Hi @Volker_Amwolf

The papers you cited on mesh construction from images are unfortunately out of scope for anything we offer in Roboflow.

I would suggest redirecting your question to a place r/computervision