Today we are getting strange results from calling Detect. We now see tracker_id and class_confidence that are always null. What changed?


  x: 1862.5,
  y: 21.5,
  width: 59,
  height: 17,
  confidence: 0.35808777809143066,
  class: '8',
  **class_confidence: null,**
  class_id: 8,
  **tracker_id: null**
  • Project Type: Detect
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows Chrome
  • test-model-q21ny

The tracker_id and class_confidence fields in the JSON output of your detection model are optional fields and can be null depending on the specific model and its configuration.

The tracker_id field is typically used in video inference where objects are tracked across multiple frames. If you’re working with single image inference, this field will likely be null.

The class_confidence field is not mentioned in the extracts provided, but it could be related to the confidence score of the model’s prediction for the specific class of the detected object. If your model or its configuration does not provide this information, this field could be null.

In the Supervision Documentation, it is mentioned that the Detections class, which contains information about the detections in a video frame, has class_id and tracker_id as optional attributes. This means that they can be None or null.

Also, in the changelog of the Supervision Documentation, it is mentioned that Detections.class_id is allowed to be None.

If you’ve recently updated your Roboflow or Supervision version, these changes might have affected the output of your model. If these fields being null is causing issues, you might want to check your model’s configuration or the specific version of Roboflow or Supervision you’re using.

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Hi @bruce_baur

For questions and issues regarding supervision, the Supervision GitHub is the best place to get those sorted out for you.

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