Cant Upload Folder of Images and their Annotations Using the Upload API

I’m trying to upload a folder with image (.png) and text (.txt) files for the Yolo OBB project.
I can upload the images with the API, but I can’t upload the text files.
I use a notebook: “Google Colab”. To clarify, I am able to upload photos alone through the API and get an ID for them. But the annotations don’t come up. Would appreciate help.

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Please share the following so we may better assist you:

  1. Project type (Object detection, Polygon)
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions: windows10
  3. The screenshot of the error being triggered in your browser’s developer tools/console. Please copy/paste the url below to watch how to pull up your devtools

Have you followed the related guides here: Upload API - Roboflow

If those resources don’t solve the issue, you can upload any of these formats and export into the proper working YOLOv5 OBB format What is the YOLOv5 Oriented Bounding Boxes Annotation Format?

Our most comprehensive guide on using YOLOv5 OBB is here as well YOLOv5 for Oriented Object Detection