Can't Authorize Roboflow

Hello, I’m having a bit of trouble uploading custom weights.

I run the following script to authorize roboflow: roboflow auth
This automatically opens a webbrowser from which I can copy an authentication key. This I rightclick into my command prompt and get the response: Nothing to select from, only 1 default workspace authorized
From my understanding this is working?

However, when I then try to upload custom weights, it still asks for an authentication key. This I’m able to access from Sign in to Roboflow , however, I can’t seem to paste it as a response back into my terminal?

This is the upload script I’m using:

import roboflow


rf = Roboflow(api_key="API key")

project = rf.workspace("work-space").project("model name")

project.version(version).deploy(model_type="yolo", model_path="path to/runs/detect/train4")

I had another thread with the same question, but am reposting it because that one got a bit convoluted: Uploading Custom Model?