Can I see the exact value of the Display Option?

For accurate labeling of images, labeling is being conducted by adjusting the Contrast and Brightness values of the Display Option. I must apply the same environment options to all images.
Is it possible to view the precise values for Contrast and Brightness? For instance, I would like to adjust the settings to be exactly 60%.

Based on the information provided in the extracts, Roboflow Annotate does have a brightness and contrast adjustment tool that allows you to modify these parameters when labeling images source. However, the extracts do not provide specific details on whether you can view or set precise values for contrast and brightness, such as adjusting the settings to be exactly 60%.

For image augmentation during model training, Roboflow does allow you to configure brightness augmentation, where you can choose whether you want brighter or darker images, and by what percentage brightness should be increased or decreased source. But this is for the augmentation process during model training, not for the image labeling process.

For more precise control or information, I would recommend checking the official Roboflow documentation or reaching out to their support for further assistance.

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Hi @SC_Y

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to set your annotation environment’s contrast and brightness levels to specific values, but you can view it using your browser’s developer tools.


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