Can I change classes color?

Is there any way to change class color?
Because I have around 24 classes, so some classes have same color.

Change the color where exactly? In the app while viewing images? While labeling images? During inference tests? Or is it your end application’s visualized results?

In labeling images so I can training custom model to apply in other dataset with all these classes.

Oh ok, that makes sense. Unfortunately for now, there isn’t a direct option to select the label color in the Roboflow UI other than creating and deleting classes until you receive the color you’d like.

However, in terms of applying this with another dataset with all these colors, the label colors won’t be an issue at all, but rather that the annotation files match up correctly for when you train your model.

I’d suggest combining the datasets in Roboflow to take care of the annotation file wrangling. Two ways to do this:

  1. Upload the other dataset to this same project, export them together, generate a version after labeling is completed, and export.
  2. Upload the other dataset to a new project, and then merge the projects, generate a version after labeling is completed, and export.