Bounding boxes misplaced after augmentation

Hi, I did faced this kind of misaligned images after I generate my dataset with augmentation.
Some of the images seems to misplaced from the object itself. There was no issue when I generate it without augmentation.

Since it’s private project, I can’t share the screenshot here.

I already viewed other forums but the problem not fixed yet.

May i know how to fix this?

Hi @Ammar_Asnawi - can you please add Roboflow support to your workspace so we can take a look? You can do this via the Invite page in your workspace. Please let me know here (or email when this is done here.

Hi Jacob, thank you for reaching me out.

I granted access for Roboflow support to the workspace.

I sent the details through email.

Closing this post, as the discussion was continued via email