Auto orient error (no images displayed on the dataset)

Hello, i have some problem related to generating dataset.
For some reason, whenever i use auto-orient, there will be no images displayed on the dataset (there is literally a number of how many the images though) and when i try to download it only shows txt file.
If i dont use auto-orient however, the labelling become a mess and the images will get overlapped or something.
proof on : Kernel Corn Object Detection Dataset by PKL
can someone help me with this?
thank you very much.

(im sorry this is my first time using forum)

Hi @I_Gusti_Putu_Krisna_Suaba_Mahe

This is a known issue that we’ve since fixed. The problem should be resolved now. Please feel free to follow up or create a new thread if your issue persists or if we can help you with anything else!

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