Academic email


I am a French student in BTS CIEL-IR, specializing in artificial intelligence, a field that deeply fascinates me. My current project involves developing an advanced system for the recognition of military vehicles. This project requires high levels of precision and confidentiality, as it involves handling sensitive and potentially classified images.

Unfortunately, I am facing a technical obstacle: my academic email is not recognized by the platform, which blocks my access to the research plan. This access is crucial for me as it would allow for more private and secure data management, in addition to providing additional credits for model training, thus facilitating the handling of large volumes of data and the improvement of recognition algorithms.

I am active in several AI projects, and integrating the advanced features offered by this plan would be beneficial not only for my current project but also for my future research.

Could you assist me in gaining access to this research plan? Are there specific conditions that I need to meet? I am ready to fully collaborate and to mention Roboflow in all publications resulting from this work. I thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.

  • Project Type: The recognition of military vehicles
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows/Firefox
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: Private

Hi Louis,

I’ve gone ahead and updated your workspace to the research plan. If your academic email isn’t recognized, please select Report Academic Email Not Recognized on the application screen and our team will respond within a few business days to help you grant access.

Please note, the free research plan only comes with public data. For private data, a Starter Plan subscription is required.

Hey Emily,
I already did it before even making this message in the forum!

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help, your tools are great, I wish you an excellent day. :grin: