A way to delete null images

As accounts are capped to 10k images without an upgrade, it is rather annoying that deleting an image is very time consuming. after annotations i came to realize i have a good 1-2k null images. Considering theres no shortcut and its buggy to fully remove an image from your dataset, it is very frustrating to see up to 20% of your 10k images are now just useless and it would take many hours of work to manually delete them especially with how buggy it is, so a mass remove null annotations button would be pretty neat.


Thank you for the feedback! It is possible to bulk delete null images:

  1. Select null under the class filter or search class:null in the Dataset tab
  2. Click “Select All” (note: this only selects the number visible on the page, you can increase the amount of images on a page at the bottom)
  3. Under “# Images Selected”, click “Remove from Project”

Hope this helps!

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