A few feature requests

I am really enjoying working with your tools, there are just a few ideas that would make my life easier.

Showing exact sizes of the dataset after it has been generated.

It just displays 1.4k or 3.9k and it would be great to maybe add a tooltip with the exact amount.
Accessing the API is an uneccessary step when it could be so much easier.

Searching through the dataset

Searching by the amount of annotations in the image and searching by regex file name would make searching a lot easier.

Bulk deleting images

Bulk deleting images would be a great thing, because deleting images one by one takes ages.

An option to change the name of the tfrecords when exporting

Having all the the tfrecords have the name of the annotation groups is very confusing and hard to type out. It would be nice for them to have the name of the split they are (f.e. train.tfrecord)

Have a nice day!

Thank you for adding these!