403 Forbidden for inference on hosted endpoint with Numpy Array Image

I have gotten this error:

inference_sdk.http.errors.HTTPCallErrorError: HTTPCallErrorError(description=‘403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://detect.roboflow.com/activelocator/1?api_key=5G***OT&disable_active_learning=False’, api_message=‘Forbidden’,status_code=403)

From this code:

from inference_sdk import InferenceHTTPClient
import VisionProcessorModules.CameraModules.CameraModulePro as CameraModulePro

def initializeVisionAIModule():
    global CLIENT
    # initialize the client
    CLIENT = InferenceHTTPClient(

def predict():
    picture = CameraModulePro.takePicture()
    predictions = CLIENT.infer(picture, "activelocator/1")
    return predictions

Note: I know it’s not any of the other modules fault.

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