Workspace keeps loading without any results after an upgrade


After getting an upgrade for my workspace, it is no longer working. When trying to create a new project or open an old one it keeps loading without any results ;

-Project type: Object detection
-OS/browser: Windows / Google Chrome

I tried with a second workspace and it is working perfectly : The problem occurs just with the upgraded workspace. Is this a known issue ?

Hey, @Oum, apologies you experienced this.

It looks like when we granted you a free expanded use research upgrade, “train” became null on your account, which caused issue with accessing the Workspace. This has been restored.

You should now be able to access your Workspace with upgraded limits.

Thanks for building with us, and please do cite Roboflow in your research!

Hello, @josephofiowa , thank you for your reply , but unfortunately I tried again and the problem is still present.