Val Images Can't be Shown

Hello. I’m working on a classification project with confidential custom dataset in Google Colab. Unfortunately, after running the train mode code, the validation images are not displaying. hence, I can’t do the val mode and aren’t able to retrieve statistics for precision and recall. I have followed all the given code and instructions and have exported the dataset in the correct format.
here is my code:
!yolo task=classify mode=train data={dataset.location} epochs=50 imgsz=640 plots=true mosaic=0.0 optimizer=SGD lr0=0.001 weight_decay=0.0005 batch=32 momentum=0.9 patience=20 label_smoothing=0.1

and here is the issue I’m encountering:

Thank you :grin:

Hey @janjaya

This looks like you’re having trouble with the Ultralytics YOLO package. I recommend filing an issue in the Ultralytics repository.