Upload dataset from GCP VM (GCP Cloud Storage)

Recently I filtered out COCO Dataset into 12 classes. And I want to upload my trained model into Roboflow project, but turns out it requires me to upload the dataset into Roboflow. So, i go spin up my VM, pull my dataset from cloud storage, install Roboflow CLI, and running this command roboflow import ./coco/ -p coco-traffic-tiny the problem is, after running the command, it was just giving me blank output like this

I wait for any output like 10 minutes or so, still got nothing on my terminal, checking performance monitor, I didnt see any upload in network activity
I also tried upload single images, and is working fine, i got success output. So, I assume it wasnt firewall problem. Can anyone give me a glimpse of info on how the upload dataset command work? And what should I do? Thanks in advance
Dataset link : https://storage.googleapis.com/coco-traffic/coco_traffic.zip

Hi @chanifrusydi

Sorry to hear you’re having issues uploading your dataset. I’ve created a pull request on our CLI package which should solve your issue.

If you’d like to see how it works, the Roboflow CLI is published on GitHub and you can check out the docs too.

Hi, @stellasphere thanks for your reply and raising pull request. Really appreciate it. One question that I still have in mind, the dataset itself contain 78k train images (out of 100k+ from original COCO dataset), and the project is public, would I having limit issue ? Or should I make a portion of it, so that I could upload and use my YOLO model through roboflow?

Hi @chanifrusydi

Your current public plan’s image limit would not allow that, but in most use cases, you don’t need that many images. What is your use case?

Alright then, I would make a small portion of it then. Thanks, appreciate your help

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