Tiling during inference

I’m trying to tile the images during inference, but this options does nothing and takes the image in its original form. Am i doing something really dumb here?

base64 YOUR_IMAGE.jpg | curl -d @-



Hey @Fleeing_Dutchman

The tile parameter is not supported in our hosted inference API. If you were doing this in reference to this blog post, we were recently made aware of this and updated the post. Learn more how to use SAHI in this blog post!

Thanks, does SAHI works for Instance Segmentation projects too or is it limited to Object Detection models only?

I think it can,

Hi @Fleeing_Dutchman

Yes, it’s possible. In the latest version of Supervision, which the blog post linked uses, SAHI or InferenceSlicing (as it’s called in supervision) for instance segmentation is supported.

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