Roboflow Universe - Rate Limited

It appears that my organization’s IP has been rate limited from Roboflow Universe. Whenever we try to access, we get a response code 429 with “Too Many Requests.”

Our organization had ten people simultaneously adding/annotating multiple projects in a shared workspace.

Any idea how long it may take to regain access to roboflow universe? Also, would there be any way to expedite this process.

Other roboflow services seem to be working.

Hi @Sarvesh

Sorry you’re having issues. I’d like to clarify a few things to help you fix this issue.

You experienced rate limit issues on Universe at after multiple people were using the main Roboflow app at If yes, were you having issues accessing the app at while you were getting 429 rate-limits on

Were all the people on your network having trouble accessing Universe?

It seems to have solved today.

Yes, multiple people were using both universe and app

We were able to use when rate limited from

Lastly, yes, all the people on my network were having trouble accessing Universe.

Would appreciate if you could provide guidance on how to not have this issue occur in the future and any workarounds or solutions.

Hi @Sarvesh

To prevent scraping, we do enforce a stricter rate limit on Universe.

Out of interest, what is your use case for your company to be using Universe?