Roboflow Training Time Long

Hello… I’ve been for so long in roboflow. When I frist training, the training was about 2 hours. But now after 15 hours, the training time is still showing “a few more moments remaining…” like in this image. Please Help! Now I can’t delete the training either.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your training process in Roboflow. Based on the information provided in the extracts, the duration of the training process can vary depending on the size of your dataset and the images in it. In most cases, it should be under 24 hours source.

However, if your training process seems to halt prematurely or appears frozen, it’s recommended to contact Roboflow’s support team for further assistance. They may ask for your workspace & project ID or your project’s Universe link to take a deeper look into the issue source.

If you’re unable to delete the training, it might be a bug. In such cases, Roboflow’s support team has been known to add training credits to user accounts and suggest trying the training again source.

Unfortunately, the extracts do not provide information on how to stop a training process from the Roboflow dashboard. For this specific issue, I recommend reaching out to Roboflow’s support directly.

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Hi @Kaung_Khant_Zaw - thanks for posting!

We have an auto-stop functionality that cuts out training when box loss / class loss stop decreasing. It seems like the model is continuing to improve, which is why it’s still running. This is at no cost to you; one training job costs on credit, regardless of size.

I do understand it would be nice to have a “stop training” or “use best epoch” feature so you don’t need to wait for the full job to finish. Will share that with the team/

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