Roboflow Trained Model on Raspberry Pi

So I used Robowflow for the first time today,
I uploaded a bunch of images and labels and after a while got the model ready
i tested it several times on the website and it looks great

the next step i’d like to try is to run in on my Raspberry Pi 4
My project is enviromental related - i sort cans from bottles and also, if the bottles are glass or plastic

Currently im using Tensorflow lite on my Raspberry Pi,
First question, how do i download the model i created?
2nd question, is it possible to choose a .tflite file?

thank you in advance!

I can’t find my “download” button for my model
maybe im looking at the wrong page :confused:

I only see download dataset and not the model that was created

Hi @tobi_tobi

We have a page on our docs on how to run inference using a Roboflow model on a Raspberry Pi.

Hope that helps!