Roboflow Object Detection Camera in React project

Hello hope you are doing well
Is there any example on how to integrate my model in a react app project?
I Wanna use a live camera, not an image
Thank you

Hi @Karim_Deiss

We have a sample Roboflow React app that you can use as a starting point. Looking at the roboflow.js docs, (what it runs on) our guide on webcam inference and an example demo with code might be helpful as well.

I did try it but when I use my model, im getting this error:

Error: The shape of dict[‘images’] provided in model.execute(dict) must be [1,3,640,640], but was [1,640,640,3]

Do you know how can i fix it?

Try reshaping the images to [1,3,640,640]

how can i reshape the images?
Im using the model in real time, so the user will open his camera and the detection will be in real time

Hi, I had the same error and the issue was the version of roboflow JS. Update the version to:

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@FransP great answer! Thanks for helping everyone out